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Gysinge - A safe haven for Eagles


Gysinge is a small village in Gästrikland, Sweden, through which one of the major rivers of the country, Dalälven, flows. The village borders the national park called Färnebofjärden, which is situated around the river. Water means fish, and fish is food for ... eagles! The White-tailed eagles are still recuperating from the pesticides that almost wiped out the populations in the 1950s and 1960s. In addition they live under considerable other threats, like illegal poaching, power lines, wind power and lack of breeding trees due to unsustainable forestry that Sweden is infamous for.

An impression of the village and the surroundings can be obtained from the slide show on the left, photos taken January 2014 (click the button to start,  best viewed at fullscreen). Not many good eagle pictures then unfortunately and this is why I went back in 2015.

In order to support the white-tailed eagles and other species there are places where eagles are fed during winter time, with fish or meat. A local nature protection group organizes the feeding and also facilitates nature photographers to take advantage of this by letting out a hide. I was lucky enough to spend two days there again in January 2015. The movie below gives a good impression of how the big and small birds behave at the feeding place. Check out the Crow that is "gently" pushed aside by an Eagle-wing at 0:40 into the movie.

A peaceful gathering at the feeding place

In 2015 the eagles were more forthcoming as can be seen in the slide show below. Some other birds, like Ravens, Hooded crows and a Grey-headed woodpecker also showed up. On the first day a total of 36 White-tailed eagles were seen. On the second there were fewer, but to componsate two Golden eagles visited the site. I'm already looking forward for a visit to this place next year!

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